A Day on The Ranch Kid Style

Our Niece and Nephew came for a day to the Ranch. Laura, is 4 and her little brother Logan, is 1. They love to come and play outside and run off some energy. Plus it's a great break for their parents because we are here to watch them!

Laura's favorite things to do are, check on all of the livestock, help feed the pigs and cook with Aunt Clar!  Logan is just happy to be able to participate in all the outdoor activities.

The day they came to visit, we needed to mix feed for the pigs. Laura was so excited to help Uncle Dan carry hay and they both rode along in the pickup to help make feed. Was a little windy to throw hay but they enjoyed trying and getting covered in stubble!



After the work was done, we grilled Ranch Raised Beef and Pork and enjoyed a picnic outside. The day was just too nice to not be outside all day plus Logan could feed the dogs and cats everything he didn't want to eat! 

Each time they come, they seem to learn something new and having them help with the work is only building life long skills and memories for them to enjoy years to come!